group of people near wall

The human interaction is similar whichever part of the globe or tree top you go to. Regardless of stereotypes that society, the internet or individuals themselves choose to project – people are people. There is an innate nature to protect our vulnerable side. Some, a tad bolder, perhaps curious or maybe just impatient of playing games take the plunge and make that first connect.

Introductions are very powerful and impressionable conversations. They stay, almost like forever in the treasures of our memories. We may think we have forgotten about it but tickle some questions out of people and the stories flow like poetry.

For my friends who know me, they would testify that I am quite true to the personality profile of both my Chinese and English zodiac signs – a monkey and a libran. Classic combination I say (wink). At times, for self preservation, I maintain a reserved front to give myself time to get acquainted with my surroundings. Partly, it was also implementing lessons learnt from the bruises of being misunderstood and office politics. Like a guardian of the brick wall, I used to introduce myself – keeping conversations to what’s professionally acceptable as polite and courteous. At my last work place, I took almost a year to build my roots before I thought it was ok to show my monkey tail. I may not have picked the best stage to do this – I made this introduction during my then boss’s Christmas party. My ex-colleagues (now dear friends) thought my contagious laughter was induced by a certain type of chilled grape juice. It took a little convincing but it is all good and golden now.

Well…the point of this post, if I may have side trailed is to share my own personal experience and say it’s actually really cool to be yourself during your first introduction with someone. I try and do this nowadays and the energy and vibe is refreshing. Sunshine and smiles to all of you. Have a great month ahead with positive and splendid introductions. #beyourownsunshine

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