Love, Amor, Kaathal

FEBRUARY 14th is synonymous with the day of love. Most of us, me included, make a gesture, small or grand to celebrate this day. Some of us, follow through in one form or another for the months ahead whilst some of us take a break till we turn the pages to a similar date next year.

It is important we acknowledge our thoughts and actions to ourselves and loved ones for the remaining 364 or 5 days in our calendar. Are we filled and fuelled by love, compassion and kindness or jealousy, greed and anger? Imagine if what we invest in one day is nurtured everyday in the form of little deeds, acts of kindness, well wishes, positive affirmations. We would be growing brighter with the foundation created on trust, respect, love and understanding. The quality of relationships with ourselves, friends and family would evolve to a higher level and a personal transformation that is nothing short of epic. Imagine…imagine…

Take that first step today, tomorrow and the days that follow to brew everything you do with love and see how graciously you will glide through life, love and everyday will be the day you honour love in its purest form. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

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