Matching Socks

JUST like love, friendship too is like a pair of socks, you got to have two and they have to match. We spend so much time crying over friendships that did not bloom to the eternal season that we expected, overlooking the change in ourselves and questioning others.

As we evolve, the only constant is change and matching the expectations of friendship in this dynamic is no easy task. Our renewed perspectives could be contrary to that of our friends and we find ourselves in a position where we have mismatched socks, i.e. the friend whom we thought understood us the most could be the one whom we find almost nothing in common. It is funny how a little awareness and growth could upset the ship of friendship.

Whilst I continue to find myself in such situations, clinging on to the past is not the answer. It is not easy, I say. I have learnt to understand and accept that not all friendships are meant to sing the same tune from start to finish. Variations to the tune are inevitable and when we can no longer recognise the tune that is familiar to us, it is best to cherish the earlier melody and embrace new friendships positively for that is the only way we will find our MATCHING SOCKS.

3 thoughts on “Matching Socks

  1. I’m glad that our tune still sounds right even after 27 years! Love your writing and reflections…. looking forward to more beautiful reading 🙂

  2. Ours is a musical composition….we’ve got many symphonies to play…not forgetting the remixes and fusion notes. Thanks very much darling for your words of encouragement.

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