man performing on stage

YOU are the headline act. It’s your show; your life. So, rock your concert. Knocks and dents are inevitable. It’s part of your growth and learning. Bury your head only to learn and acknowledge the wisdom of the great teachers. Learning the tools are essential, but that’s only part of the process. Understanding and interpreting it is key. After digesting the lessons, write your script. Now for the best part, living it and by no means average, you’ve got to rock it!

Discover your voice; find your tones. It’s not ok to just take what other have done and replicate it. That is setting yourself up for failure because you will always be compared to the original. Make the piece yours, infuse it with your soul. That will be a grander tribute to the legends.  Just as singers are encouraged to partake in vocal exercises to explore their tonal range, you must do the same in your chosen field. Explore, practice, fall, rise and try again. Repeat this till you are confident. Try not to get too comfortable because that can quickly slip into complacency and boredom. No one likes repetition. Keep the child like curiosity always alive within you and keep trying new things.

Rest, re-set, rejuvenate, recharge. This self-care is essential for your wellbeing; no compromises on this front. Take yourself out on dates and get to know you. Understanding youself better gives you an advantage as you know what makes you tick, inspired, motivated and kicking your socks off enthusiastic. Whenever you feel like you’re slacking on this front, remember the airline message; strap your seat belt first before your attend to the next person. If you are well and joyful, you can care sufficiently for another person. Self love is the best love dear one.

Reflect on the lessons today; everything that you are grateful for and let’s get this party started.

Rock your concert!

Best wishes always,


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