Gift words to yourself and loved ones

Communication is key in relationships. Words are more than letters strung together, hence the popular saying, ‘the tongue or the pen is mightier than a sword’. It can nourish and protect or do the reverse. Words shape our belief systems, builds confidence and self-image. As such, they also affect the perception of ourselves and others. Here are three tips you can incorporate into your daily lives and gift the love of words to yourselves and loved ones.

Tip 1: Make learning fun

A is for apple. As’ are also associated with an assortment of amazing adjectives, animals, antioxidant food and aspirational words. For example; affection, alpaca, artichokes and abundance.  See what I did with the sentences above? I used a variety of words, each starting with the letter ‘a’ to show the available alternatives. Pick topics of interest and explore them with your little ones. Aside from nurturing an interest, you are nourishing the mind with learning and new vocabulary.

Tip 2: Words Impact. Choose well.

Often, we speak as if we are pre-programmed; words flowing naturally, with little thought to the meaning or the imprints it leaves on us or another. What we understand (perceive), we project onto others, because those are the attributes we recognise and may have it ourselves. For instance, when a child resists doing something, we say the child is ‘stubborn’. Stubborn is also a sign of strong will and determination, and need not be unsavoury. If we reframe our thoughts, we can find positive alternatives, that means, different labels to view and experience these events. An internal shift consequently invites another type of conversation, one that is welcomed with more receptivity instead of defiance. Here are a few words I use myself when confronting delicate situations:

Original word                        Positive Alternative

Complicated                          Puzzle

Problem                                  Lesson / Adventure

Fussy                                       Selective / Knows what he or she wants

Bad/not great                       Potential to develop / inspire / grow

Impatient                               Loves the adrenalin rush

Tip 3: Words Empower. Make them your Superpower

Expanding on the point above, fuel up on words that empower. The best place to start is with yourself. Your name is not just a name, it is you; this beautiful person filled with potential and unique gifts. My name, Nisha means the night or dusk. I love sunsets, am nocturnal, but there is also so much more to who I am. I infused some of my personality with each letter in my name and since doing so, every time, I write or respond to my name, it is an awakening of my superpowers. I chose:

N               –                natural, as in authentic

I                –                intuitive, and this helps me understand myself and others better

S                –                soulful, as I speak from the heart

H               –                happy, is my preferred lifestyle, nurtured through continued personal growth

A               –                adventurous, because I love to explore, create and play.

What did you select for yourself?  I hope you have found the tips helpful and enjoy giving yourself and loved ones, one of the most precious gifts; the gift of words.

~This post was first published at Baby Toddler Adventure as a guest blog feature. ~

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