self care for your work

How was the Prioritization exercise? Do you have a clearer idea on the 4 tiers?

Tier 1    :     Must Do

Tier 2    :     Scheduling

Tier 3    :     Delegation

Tier 4    :    Flushing

Now that you have categorised the what to do, I assume you have moved towards creating the work product. Before you hit the publish, send or share button, I like to invite you to review the work product with the Self-Care for Work Worksheet.

What is the Self-Care for Work Worksheet?

Self-Care for Work Worksheet is a checklist with key indicators to guide you to review your work product. As we create, we develop a sense of attachment for the output.

The review lines start becoming blurry when you see something up close for too long. Hence, it is a recommended practice to take some time away from the work product and look at it with fresh eyes.

What are the other benefits of having a time out?

Aside from creating some space between the creator and the creation, some time away from the output invites new thoughts. In addition, it brings a clearer vision during the review and editing phase.

What are some indicators in the Self-Care for Work Worksheet?

Below are some of the indicators:

(i) Keyword research to guide you to optimize the content of your output and the audience reach.

(ii) Spell check: this is a big one. A great essay can easily annoy readers if it is dotted with spelling mistakes. Using the spelling and grammar is the quickest way to do a scan of your work. If editing is not your thing, engage a proof reader to review your work, utilise subscription-based apps and services for added support.

(iii) Read it aloud and do that a few times. When you read, you tend to adjust the words when you come across something that does not read quite well. As you do this, you invite a natural pause and review of the work.

(iv) Choice of words : Avoid repetitive words, expand your vocabulory. Add colour, life and expression to your work.

Is there a Guide for this Worksheet?

No, there isn’t as this is a checklist and an evolving tool. I’d love to know your tips for self-care for work. Share them in the comments.

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