Defining Simple

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PUT aside the dictionary and quit typing into the search engine…. Why? Because to every person, each word sings a different song, a song that finds it’s lyrics from the person’s experience, values and reflections of life.

Recently, I was in limbo with the word ‘simple’ and I took my query to friends and the social network family for their views.  Based on feedback received, this is my attempt at defining ‘simple’.

Simple is keeping it real – staying true to who you are. In sales speak, what you see is what you get.  It stems from the awareness of knowing and loving yourself, that you are happy being you and not someone else.

Simple is contentment. It is embracing happiness and expressing gratitude for the little dew drops in our daily life such as enjoying a meal and a few laughs with dear friends, savouring a hot cuppa coffee whilst winking at the sun as it waltzes it’s rays through your window.

Simple is to be and to see things as it is. It is understanding a person or situation without applying judgment. I admit this is tough but give it a shot. For example, attending functions does not make someone a social butterfly…it could be ones way of spending time with parents and perhaps a prelude to a day out with family.

Simple is a label to anything you will it to be – a mission statement, a way of showing love, an approach to work. You decide the label, the ingredients and the steps.

Simple is showing kindness and compassion with no hidden agendas. A straightforward approach in communication and conduct without regard to colour, creed and incentives.

Simple is whatever we choose it to be..

My key to happiness? It’s KEEPING IT SIMPLE.

2 thoughts on “Defining Simple

  1. Nicely put. Keeping it simply is not judging and going with the flow. Hard to do but having achieved this sort of outlook, life will be so much easier and simpler. I like the bit about gong to many outings does not make you a social butterfly. Totally! I go to functions to hang out with relatives and friends. Sometimes it a social obligation, but I do try to make the most of it and it ends up being so fun! Enjoy life babe!! Keep it simple!!!

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