difference between a positive mind and a quiet mind

During my chakra balancing yoga session this morning, my teacher of Theo shared a message from Deepak Chopra, about having a quiet mind versus a positive mind. As I did my yoga flow, she invited me to notice the differences between the two. For the most part, all my attention was geared on not collapsing […]

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Inspire…one petal @ a time

I always connected inspiration to an external person or experience and not something within. However, reflecting on recent events during some off site trips made me realize that each of us in some form are an inspiration to another. A kind word, a smile, a direction, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, a […]

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Check In

MY mom in law said something beautiful to me yesterday which inspired this post. She said ‘Whenever I speak with you, I start laughing. It’s like magic.’ What a sweet thing to say. Of course it got me smiling, but it also made me think about how we make others feel and how we feel […]

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Brewing sunshine

EXHALING deeply, I am jumping to my creative space for my 31 days of December. Bouncing with creative energy always makes me happy but like a child restricted on her trampoline time, I have cautiously refrained from pursuing more. Why? Because of the unknown, uncertainty of what’s there and the path ahead. These are the […]

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Exhale and flow

LETTING GO is one of the toughest things to do. Holding on is much easier as the familiarity weaves comfort irrespective of how joyful we feel. Stepping into the unknown, the possibilities, the magic makes us vulnerable, open and to some extent judged. We hesitate, delay and adopt a defensive play, leaving the infinite possibilities […]

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group of people near wall

The human interaction is similar whichever part of the globe or tree top you go to. Regardless of stereotypes that society, the internet or individuals themselves choose to project – people are people. There is an innate nature to protect our vulnerable side. Some, a tad bolder, perhaps curious or maybe just impatient of playing […]

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SuRv!V!nG LaBeLs

sticky notes on board

LABELLING is common. We label almost every person we meet and most times, it is impulsive, spontaneous. I am not suggesting that labeling is a bad thing. I am saying that we label others ignorantly, without understanding that the label is in fact a reflection of ourselves. Yes, you read it correctly. You are what […]

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Onion to Onion…

three onions

PEOPLE are like onions. This sure sounds odd but think about it for a minute and tell me when is the onion most aromatic? Like an onion, that weaves its core in a jacket of red or white shades, most of us shield our thoughts or essence behind a cloak. We take time to open […]

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Matching Socks

JUST like love, friendship too is like a pair of socks, you got to have two and they have to match. We spend so much time crying over friendships that did not bloom to the eternal season that we expected, overlooking the change in ourselves and questioning others. As we evolve, the only constant is change […]

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