Finding Myself

Confused and restless

I wake

From a cloudy dream

Pieced with words and stories

Sweating, twitching

I pierce

Soothing the racing heart


Heart in hand

I type

Losing a child

Fear streams

For this child in the dream

Straining the tub of tears

The answers tease  


It cannot be!

I, the child?


Doubt kills

Oh Rumi

Speak to me

“The entire universe is inside you

You are the universe in ecstatic motion”

I stay in stillness

Tuning in

She was not screaming scotch eggs and cinema nights

She was skating Booker prizes and Sunday Times

Breaking a smile

I promised the child

Not candies but creation

Not popcorn but perseverance

Thank you, Rumi

For lighting the path within.

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