welcoming wednesdays : happy birthday

Happy Birthday to me! I’ve skipped joyfully from sensational 30s to a sparklingly fantabulous 4 series. It’s a week today and feels fantastic. I started this column, Welcoming Wednesdays to share messages with my younger self, enabling her to step into her highest self.

Each post has been such a rewarding journey, tapping into earlier windows to reflect on lessons learnt throughout the years. I must add that every experience has guided my growth from a curious caterpillar to a beautiful, confident and blooming butterfly. So at any time if you are fretting about why something is happening, take a moment and ask yourself; what am I learning from this? how have I grown?

So, what’s changed from 30s to 40s?

30s was a discovery and adaptive phase; namely a lot of soul searching as I grew more into my skin. I was learning new things about myself and absorbing experiences, adding more depth to my personality and character. The ‘to achieve list’ was a growing one and I sprinted, one to the next. Edging towards the big 4, many things cleared up and I handpicked what I wanted to anchor on.

What are some things I’m anchoring on?

Gratitude tops the charts for me. Saying ‘thank you’ is easy and rolls of the tongue quite effortlessly. What I am referring is beyond words, it’s the feeling within. Acknowledge experiences and learnings, recognise the ‘if’s and buts’ and be moved wholeheartedly by that feeling of thanks.

Be present and enjoy the moment. Quieten chatter and distraction. A lot of it is excess noise. Do not let it consume you. In an earlier post, Stillness, I’ve shared a few practices which help me. Review it and find something that works well for you.

Do I feel older?

Not at all. I’m still the girl that loves balloons, sparkles and colour lights.

How about the whole 40 and mid-life?

I’m at my prime. I know my purpose; creating joy wherever I go and with all I cross paths with. Words are one way I infuse joy as each word is penned from the heart. Adding to that, I’ve fulfilled a soul adventure with Bohem Notes, my Caption and Content Writing Business.

Bohem Notes is premised on the vision to create bespoke caption and content to empower people to share their story. Check it out and I’d love to connect with you.

What’s next with Welcoming Wednesdays?

I’d like to frame this as a collection of letters leading up to the big day. In fact, I’ve enjoyed writing these and received encouraging comments from all of you. As such, I’ll add this in future posts, which can be found under the Reflections column.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for reading these letters with me and joining me in my celebrations.

Best wishes always,


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