LET it GO and move forward

photo of woman wearing sun hat

I woke up this morning with a couple of ideas for a blog post. One, was the title of this post, let it go, although intended for a different concept. Instead of penning it down, in line with my Monday motivation, I busied myself in other things; including, laundry.

I was content as the avalanche in the laundry basket had receded. Thereafter, I whizzed about; replying emails, hung the clothes, another washing, researched and lunched.

Reaching for a glass of water, I looked out. It was tipping it down; the clothes were having another water bath. Mesmerised by the humming of thunders, I had not noticed the rain.

I watched and smiled. Aptly, the sun came out to tease, after its siesta behind the clouds. The grass started to dry up. Flowers were gradually straightening their stems and the garden began to glow. Before I could make a dash for the clothes, the second round of rain started.

I realise this is sounding like a post on laundry and rain but the lesson I learnt was to ‘let it go and move forward’. It is ok if things do not go according to plan. Here is an opportunity to improvise and explore other options. This is not something to fuss about, get stressed or have an argument with a loved one. You have to let go. Moving forward is not an option, it is a necessity.

Letting something go, uncaging it from our thoughts or habits is a difficult ask. Whilst not impossible, it is demanding and often challenging. Why? Partly because it is buried in our stubbornness and reluctance to change. The other part is surrendering the ego. When you think you know better and events play out otherwise; you are humbled. Nature has her way to refresh your learnings and growth.

What did I do? I put my favourite shade of lipstick, Mocha by Mac Cosmetics, turned on bossa nova music and scripted, knowing I learnt a valuable lesson today.

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