Inspire…one petal @ a time

I always connected inspiration to an external person or experience and not something within. However, reflecting on recent events during some off site trips made me realize that each of us in some form are an inspiration to another.

A kind word, a smile, a direction, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, a word of encouragement, are all nourished with the seeds of inspiration. Think about it, when we are looking for inspiration, we look up and look around. So, the person closest to us becomes a reference or a go to. Take a minute and reflect. If we are that person that is being looked up at…. what is this individual going to receive when he or she meets our gaze? A smirk or a smile? Empathy or judgment? An appreciation or a critique?

Each of one of us has the potential to inspire the person around us. Imagine the change you could bring and the memory you could imprint in their minds. Would you do anything differently? How would you inspire today, even if it is only one petal at a time?

Share your thoughts. I'd love to know