This is the fifteenth post on Welcoming Wednesdays. My birthdate is the fifteenth and today’s message is about fulfilling your soul purpose, something which I completed yesterday, the fifteenth!!!!!! Welcome to soul connection.

Within you, there is a well of wisdom. I don’t know who, when or how the stuff got there. All I know is it is there. Name it what you like. Mine’s called ‘The Guide to Being a Rockstar!” Now, I understand the reason. It is a personal assistant, library, resource, guide. It comes with your lifetime as its warranty. Constantly updating and upgrading, it is available just for you, whenever you need it. To access, you must listen. In summary, still the mind and tune in. However, if you fidget or have difficulty strapping down, click this post on Stillness for ideas to settle in.

Throughout my lawyering days, I loved writing. Whether it is e-mails, opinions, newsletters or business guides, I enjoyed it. A message could be conveyed in so many different ways for a range of voices. Each tone, creating its own impact and effect. For example. few words from an executive could cheer or scare you. Meanwhile, the same by another could be an issue of performance or probation.

Often, I thought of pursuing writing full time. Working from the beach or sofa, whilst tapping to my heart’s rhythm sounded ideal. It was always a plan I look up to. Frankly, I did not entertain it beyond dream time as fear, uncertainty and the novelty of business quickly overtook the space. So, I savoured it quietly, within limits to maintain its sacredness.

A year ago, I resigned my corporate job and moved to Cardiff to join my loving husband. Long distance was not healthy for a new relationship. Like a plant that needs constant care and attention to develop its roots, so is marriage. The initial period are the formative years. Adjustments and understanding at its most vulnerable, yet critical.

My move was a chance to write a new career chapter. Whilst I sought some opportunities in the legal sector, my inner guide suggested trying this writing gig. I contributed to Eftychia Magazine, an online lifestyle and culture based magazine in Cardiff and joined the Cardiff Writer’s Circle, for more confidence.

With Covid revolutionizing the new normal, I took a leap of faith. Like a Rubik’s Cube, the pieces clicked and ideas flowed to guide a smooth sail. Blessed with love all around and encouraging support from my husband, I launched Bohem Notes yesterday. Shy of one month from my 40th, I absorbed a new glowing avatar as entrepreneur. My introductory post described this milestone as a soul mission and it truly was.

My story today is to remind you to listen well to your inner guide. The soul knows its purpose. It is waiting for you to listen and fulfil it.

I heard mine and I hope you do too.

Best wishes always,


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