FLOW IN FIVE is a Bohem Notes philosophy and it has helped me in my personal and professional life. I magnetized my magic word Flow infusing empowerment, calm and most of all an I’ve got this mindset in everything I do.⁠

⁠Flow in 5 is great for:⁠

💚 new business owners⁠

💚 anyone wrestling with content creation⁠

💚 feels overwhelmed⁠

💚 needs time, love and care.⁠

⁠Flow in 5 guides you to discover yourself, develop ideas, prioritize and care, for yourself and work product. The flow works with you and for you. You decide the flow; 5 minutes, 5 thoughts, 5 ideas, 5 words. Exciting right?⁠

As readers of my Bohemiancrossing ⁠Blog, I am delighted to share my five Flow in 5 worksheets with you so you too get flowing in everything you do. As a bonus, starting 7th April, each week, I’ll be publishing a Guide with interactive prompts to support you in completing the Flow in Five Worksheets.

I’d love for you to:

💚 subscribe to Bohemiancrossing ⁠Blog so you get real time updates on publication of the Flow in Five Worksheets and Guides;

💚 share your feedback and experience in using the Flow in Five Worksheets and Guides;

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Are you ready? Let’s get flowing!⁠

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