Hey dearest, a warm big hug to you.

How are you feeling today? Yesterday was a little rough. I heard and felt it too; the pain, doubts, the tears. Chin up, because we are getting through this.  

For starters, yesterday’s over, finished. It’s behind you, not coming back. The fabulous news is today’s starting. It’s bling, shiny and brand new, filled with fresh starts and opportunities. Choice is yours; make it better or worse. Choose well dear one, do better.

Look yourself in the mirror and say three things you love about you. I start with my heart because it beats for me, and me alone, loving me unconditionally. It showed up; alive, healthy, hopeful and full of vitality. Be your biggest cheerleader! I love me! Applaud, celebrate and cherish yourself. Remember, despite billions of people in the world, there’s only one you. You are unique.

Turn your thoughts to three things you are grateful for. It could be anything; a favourite dress, a good night’s sleep or a loving family. Anything. You pick your three and say thank you. Be grateful for all the good happening in your life. You’ll notice how easy it is to go beyond three. Gradually increase the number and realise the wealth you are cuddled in. Gratitude is the wealth of wellness. Embrace it with open arms.

So, about yesterday,

Were you anxious about something? What was the specific thing making you feel that way? Could you identify it? Take your time, but detail it. Look at it again. The big picture can be daunting, and seem impossible. It’s natural to tense or be uncertain. But, when you break it down, it becomes manageable. Take a chocolate bar for example; you can’t swallow the entire bar in one bite, but piece by piece, you can. Chunk it and act on it. Every step, is progress. 

Did someone break your heart? Check again. I don’t think so, because you’re reading this and your heart’s here, for you. It could be hurt, disappointment, regret or a whole host of other emotions. Your heart’s purrfect. Bite size what’s bothering you. Answer the what and why. For growth 101, look within and ask yourself – what can I do:

  • Communicate from a space of love and respect.
  • Nurture and nourish your mind, body and soul. Embrace change; become a better version of you. Mother nature is the best example. Learn from her.
  • Set expectations on yourself, not others.
  • Take the good and learn from the not so good. Experience is a teacher. If you fall, don’t stay there. Dust the dirt and pick yourself up. There’s more to this journey of life and you are not done yet. Rise up.

Belief in yourself. If you don’t, it does not matter, if the whole world does.

Affirm the best for you now. Welcome it into your life, daily. You’ve got this!

Much love and the heartiest of wishes,

Me to you

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