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THERE is that hour or two during the typical working weekday (maybe just all nine) that you wish you could be anywhere else but at work.  It is not entirely encouraging when you begin your weekday counting down to the weekend and honestly, it is not the most fulfilling either.

Weekdays (excluding the glorious public holidays) comprise about 260 days or 70 per cent of our calendar year. We then whine and say the year has passed by so quickly and we accomplished so little. Logically, that is the result if we only choose to live 30 per cent of our year.

Whilst I am consoled that I am not alone in this dilemma, I am also saddened that there are so many of us who are not living our life to its fullest potential. Realizing this, I desired and chose to change the way I live my weekdays. Here are my survivor tips.

Mix it up

Variety is the spice of life. My activities involve spending quality time with myself, family and friends. My regular activities include, attending music class, exercising, watching movies, reading and having a meal out. Mixing up my weekday routine pre and post work added vibrancy to my day and brought about soul satisfaction which is priceless.


Set a challenge every day and achieve it. For example, climb staircases without panting, walk or jog a certain distance within a set time. These little challenges inspired me to work on my fitness level and I was thrilled when I achieved it.


Do at least one nice thing for someone every day. These are simple things, which are free and makes a difference to the other person. For example, wish good morning to the person you ride the lift with in office, offer your seat to someone in a public transport, and listen attentively when someone is talking to you. You are planting happiness in the other person’s day with each act. Try it – it is addictive.


Be adventurous and try something new every day. For example, a food item, a shade of lipstick or tie. You could also learn something new every day, such as a new word. This learning process could be in a language you are comfortable with or something foreign, which makes this experience all the more exciting. I do this and besides helping me professionally to understand concepts, I feel enriched, mentally and culturally.


This is my favourite tonic – a hug. Hug a tree, a pet, a parent, a friend, a colleague, a mug of hot coffee. Be creative in your hugs for the possibilities are endless. Look up at the sky (even better if it is a starry night) open your arms, take a deep breath inhaling the beauty and wrap your arms around yourself tightly. Doesn’t that feel awesome? There is magic in a hug. To me, the warmth of a hug brings about a sense of calmness and an assurance that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

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  1. I absolutely love the way you look at your life!!! What an inspiration and a beautiful twist to the mundane!!! I shall try this ……..

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