It is 20 beautiful Wednesdays to my fantabulous 40th birthday in 2020. My friends and I have been talking about this milestone and had exciting plans, which have required adjustment in light of recent events. Contentment and simple pleasures have extraordinarily overtaken grander gestures. As I sat with this thought, I wanted to talk to my younger self and share a few words. I remember approaching my 30s. I walked up to the mirror on my birthday and had a good look at myself. I noticed a grey strand here and there but otherwise, I looked and felt great. The confidence I felt at that moment oozed sexiness and if I could, I would bottle that in a perfume and spray it on every day.40s is not about middle age and menopause but it is everything I want it to be and I want it to be FANTABULOUS. Yes, the capital letters are intentional.

As I was born on a glorious Wednesday, for the next twenty Wednesdays, I will share a post with the hashtag ‘Welcoming Wednesdays’ as a message to the younger me.  Each message is wrapped with choicest wishes as I step into my most fabulous 40s. Some messages may resonate with you and I invite you to share your kind wishes in the comments.

Cheering the 40s!!! Let us Welcome Wednesdays.

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