soul searching

What is the first step in the Flow in Five series?

Flow in Five begins with soul searching or the discovery phase as the first step.

Why Soul Searching initiates the Flow in Five journey or sequence?

Soul searching is the first step because the self is the first and best place to start when you are looking for answers. This phase was also a tribute to one of my favourite quotes by Rumi, “There is nothing outside of yourself, look within. Everything you want is there. You are that.

What are you discovering?

I used the WH Flow of questions as a set of tools in this discovery phase to get clarity on the 4Ps; purpose, passion, plans and priorities.

What’s In the Guide to Soul Searching?

The Guide to Soul Searching offers an introduction to this Soul Searching Worksheet, sets a goal and provides interactive prompts to complete this Worksheet.

Enjoy this phase and invest the time. Get to know yourself and understand your purpose, passion, plans and priorities. This is your journey. Rock your concert!

Let’s flow! To know more about Flow in Five, click here.

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