welcoming wednesdays : breaks

THE message for today is chillax! Take a break. As per schedule, I should have written this post on Monday to coincide with my Manuscript Monday ideation day and schedule it to go live at eleven a.m. British Summer Time today. But, I slipped. And, it is ok. I spent Monday working on a collection of short stories and today was a beautiful sunny day, warm with hints of breeze. I video called my parents and best friend. We laughed over movies, reminiscing times from holidays and . Then, I made myself a strawberry lemonade and tapped the keys for this post. The message for this week was going to be something else, but this felt more fitting for today.

Taking breaks guides you to see from new perspectives. We become attached to the things we do, even habits and customary practices. Spell checks and grammar tools help correcting basic language errors. It does not rearticulate or restructure content. No soul is added to the words. Only you can do that with revisions, feedback and displined editing.

Doing something for the sake of it equates us to robots; mechanical, programmed to follow a command. It is somewhat artificial. Understanding what you are doing infuses meaning to the action, allows it to make sense. Irrespective of the label attached, peel it. If you have a question, seek the answers. Resources are available at our finger tips. We owe it to ourselves to know why we are doing the thing we do.

Step back. Assess if there is another approach, one that enables you to be more efficient. Even one step makes a difference, and a big one in the eyes of providing better user experience.

My dear one, do not be cheeky and disguise your breaks and procrastinate. I know this trick and have done it too. That is laziness and serves you no good. None. Nada.

Take breaks, enjoy them and succeed in all that you do.

Love and hugs,


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