welcoming wednesdays : thoughts

collage photo of woman

EVERY thought has a vibration. You think of good things, you feel energised and upbeat. Conversely, if you occupy yourself with unsavoury thinking, you drown in unpleasantness, worry and fear. When we give something all our attention, energy and investment, we are nurturing and nourishing it. Therefore, the more you water ideas of doubt, self-pity, and low self-confidence that is the pool you will be swimming in. At a subconscious level, you ingrain this in your internal hard drive and gradually, it presents itself as your daily reality.

Aside from your own low energy, you start attracting others with similar frequency. Just as like attracts like, sorrow invites more sorrow. Think about the magnificence and abundance you can welcome into your life if you could turn your thoughts to something more encouraging, empowering and enlightening. When you drift into something less appealing, be mindful and shift your perspective. Think of it as a temperature check or hydration break that you take stock off regularly.

Bask each thought in love, colour it with joy and sprinkle it with kindness. Do not take everything you read or hear so literally and dim or radiant self. Get to know the facts, learn other perspectives and make sound decisions. Each person’s world view is shaped by their own experiences. You want yours to be rooted in values and every shade of the best.

You are the sum of your thoughts, so please keep track of them. Edit, preview and repeat. Exercise this often to trim the excess and unwanted. By flowing in this medley, you magnify your life with awesomeness. If there’s one person that deserves it all, it is you. Go for it and ace your thoughts! Be the fantabulous you right now!

Love and hugs,


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