Angkor Night Market

I visited the Angkor Night Market in Siam Reap (“Night Market”) during a holiday last year. It is a treat to the senses and let me tell you why. Unlike the crowded markets in most South East Asian countries, this was a joy to walk. There is enough room to twirl whilst picking out clothing and move between shops comfortably without obstructing other visitors. The Night Market stretches for about a two kilometre radius and is also easily accessible by private vehicles and the local trishaw (tuk tuk).

For visitors with time constraints, the Night Market is a convenient place to shop for souveniers. Items for sale include clothing, postcards, key chains, local fruit or flower tea, handmade jewellery and stationery made from recycled products. Prices are quoted in US dollars and whilst some amount of haggling is required, most goods are reasonably priced and are of decent quality. Postcards and key chains are sold in packs of ten and are priced at USD 1. Visitors should insist on receiving their change in US currency rather than the local currency.

The Night Market is dotted with massage parlours, allowing the visitor to combine massage with shopping. The most popular service is the fifteen minute foot reflexology which is priced at USD1. Other treats include the fish spa, body and shoulder massages, all priced between USD1 to USD3 and the services are available up to sixty minutes. For an ultimate experience, I would suggest indulging in home-made ice cream from the Blue Pumpkin café whilst having your foot reflexology.  The cinnamon fudge flavour is out of this world. The bite sized fudge pieces are chewy and do not make a mess of your teeth. Other popular flavours are baileys and lime sorbet.

In addition to the massages, another highlight for me is the accessibility of the Night Market to the neighbouring Pub Street, which is a culinary and well, pub haven. The Night Market is a must visit in Siam Reap. It opens daily from 4pm to midnight.

*Photograph of the Angkor Night Market is courtesy of a dear friend and fellow blogger Selvi K (

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