Hello everyone,

How are you flowing today? What have you discovered about yourself in self-discovery? Are you in alignment with your purpose, passion, plans and priorities?

Wasn’t it such an enjoyable exercise to pour out all your ideas? I’m curious to know how you classified them into the 4 tiers; must do, scheduling, delegation and flushing? I hope the self-care for work checklist gave you valuable pointers on how to review and edit your work.

I’m sharing the fifth stage of the Flow in Five program with you. This is one step in the Flow in Five program which you can do daily. It is so rewarding, emotionally, physically, mentally. Like my daily cuppa coffee, I have flowed this Self-Care exercise into my morning routine and I’d wholeheartedly encourage you to consider this.

What is the Self-Care Worksheet?

Self-Care is a beautiful worksheet designed with the intention for you to continuously nurture, nourish and care for yourself. Preservation of your self-care is key for your continued success. Most importantly, it ensures you glow, grow and do not burn out!

What are the parts in the Self-Care Worksheet?

Gratitude, achievements, learnings and a suggestion of self-care rituals make up the Self-Care Worksheet.

Why do you recommend building this Self-Care flow into the daily routine?

The greatest love of all is the love for yourself or self-love. How you treat yourself sets the tone for how other’s treat you. Taking time during the day, even as little as five minutes to record your achievements of the day, the small wins is an investment into your self-esteem, personal growth. Compliment yourself and be your own cheerleader.

Additionally, it also incorporates some much needed me time into your daily schedule. As caring, loving souls you spend the day taking care of others and this Self-Care Worksheet is a hug in words to take care of you.

Is there a Guide for this Worksheet?

Yes and it is filled with interactive prompts to guide you in completing the sections; and celebrating yourself. Show up for yourself and sparkle!

Share your thoughts. I'd love to know