Truce with Snooze

THE phrase ‘you snooze you lose’ was not just meant for losing out to the last piece of the mouth watering chocolate chip cookie. It equally applies to all the opportunities, experiences and adventures we may have passed up because we snoozed and did not act on it.

My yoga teacher, Angeli of Theo Living explained this to me in very simple terms with the analogy of my alarm clock as I had a long standing habit of snoozing; up to an hour before I said hello to the day. She explained that when the alarm rings each morning, it is a sign that the day is ready for me. By hitting snooze, I was subconsciously delaying things and what’s worse, sending a message to the universe that the delay is ok. In my dreamy state of mind, whilst I thought I was enjoying a few extra minutes under the cosy duvet covers, I was in fact postponing something more precious : time, adventures and results.

Even as a concept, this was mortifying and challenged the fundamentals of my sleep pattern and alarm setting methodology. It was one of my worst nightmares being narrated to me. The location wasn’t even Elm street but in my own home and I alone was responsible. I thought of all the tears, headaches and disappointments – I was crushed. Something had to change and it had to be immediate. Angeli challenged me to not snooze the alarm for a week. As a struggle as it was, I said yes. The thought of me delaying things for myself sent shivers down my bones and I knew that I had to act and act fast. In that seven days, I noticed a shift…it was small but sizeable and most importantly, recognizable. There was lesser stalling in the environment around me and the ripple effect of my one single act was phenomenal.

I am still evolving with this concept and in the spirit of the new year, I am inspiring myself to beat the tock by declaring an open truce with snooze. As a travel enthusiast, I find my best motivation when I relate it to travel and all the beautiful memories associated with it. In my truce with snooze, I’ll be revisiting some of my favourite travel destinations and captioning it with a thought I resonate that memory with. It’s also a colourful reminder to myself of what I am passing up each time I snooze.

Given the nature of this post, it will be a flowing one with new pictures and captions added. If you’re a snoozer like me, what would it take for you to bounce out off bed. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below with the hashtag #trucewithsnooze and follow me on Instagram @ alegria_bohem for my reflections on this truce. Let’s get up and get going peeps because the world awaits us!

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When the sea is at play, I am only an inch away. #trucewithsnooze

Staircases of blessings leading to every corner of your home. #trucewithsnooze

Having days when the icing goes beyond the cake. #trucewithsnooze

Dancing freely when you realize that all the rules are and should only be about love. #trucewithsnooze

See and seek perspectives beyond your own whilst staying true to your north. #trucewithsnooze

Hugging the sun in my arms and hope in my heart. #trucewithsnooze

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