seek magic within : 5 tips for self motivation

If you are looking for magic, look no further than the mirror. You are magic because there’s only one of you. People have similarities, share common features, but in spite of all that, each one is different and that makes us unique. Sometimes, it needs a little reminding. Make the mirror your friend and welcome this positive reinforcement daily.

Here are 5 more tips for self-motivation to seek the magic in you.

Tip 1: Get to know you

Self-love is the first and best place to start. Search your soul and discover yourself. It is one of the best tours I have taken and I highly recommend it. Take yourself out on dates and find out what makes you tick, twirl and tired. Once you know yourself, you are in a good space because you understand your best performing hours, where you need to build some muscle and how you can achieve it.  

Tip 2: Tell yourself a great story everyday

Notice your thought patterns, self-talk, journal entries. How does it sound? Could you choose words that are kinder? filled with love? fuelled with empowerment? Give yourself the gift of words and tell yourself a great story every day.

Tip 3: Create a playlist

Music magnifies the magic within. Add rhythm, inspiring lyrics, anything that gets your groove on. Get yourself in a good mood and dance off anything that dims your light. Feel free to check my Bohem Notes playlist on Spotify.

Tip 4: Entrepreneur your mind, body and soul

In any situation, be it good or not so great, notice the lesson. Ask yourself, ‘what did I learn from this?’  If you adopt this frame of thinking, you’ll bounce from strength to strength and like a diamond that’s polished repeatedly for its brilliant radiance, you’ll continue shining.

Tip 5: Make a list of small significant achievements

This is one of the best advices handed to me. Take a moment each day and record all the small wins. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve achieved in a day and that’s a huge motivation to your spirit. From feeling I’ve not done enough you learn to appreciate yourself and notice the little jewels which makes each day precious.

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