The next step in Flow in Five is Ideation or play and pour it all out phase.
To visit the first step, Soul Searching or the discovery phase, click here.

What is the goal of Ideation?

The goal of Ideation is to empty out thoughts, impressions, feelings and
concepts in a fun and explorative way. Think of this exercise as drawing on a plain
white canvass with a box full of colours. Start exploring patterns, shapes,
images, stories; anything that comes to your mind.

Why does it need emptying out?

It is easier to study each option once you have a clearer picture what those
options are. Otherwise, it remains vague, an illusion and many times, a mystery.
One of the best ways of getting clarity is to write it down and the Ideation
Worksheets helps you achieve this.

What else can I achieve with Ideation?

By applying the Flow in Five methodology and chunking down each big
inspiration / idea / story / message to smaller points, you create a content
tree and learn how to repurpose material for different platforms. This drives
engagement with your audience as you are consistent with messaging and are
showing up.

Besides, it creates variety in how you say things, thereby generating
more interest in your feed. Most of all, it optimises the flow of your content.
Say bye bye to worries of a dry content well.

What are some areas to dip into for Ideation?

In the Ideation Worksheet, message, story, idea and inspiration are selected
as broad categories to get you started on the Ideation exercise. I selected
these as they are familiar and accessible reference points so you can dip into
them at any time.

Another option is to use the WH flow of questions from Worksheet 1. Explore
ideas, messages, stories and inspiration behind the 4Ps; purpose, passion,
plans and priorities.

What’s In the Guide to Ideation?

The Guide to Ideation offers an introduction to the Ideation Worksheet, sets
a goal and provides interactive prompts to complete this Worksheet.


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