CONNECTIONS are one of the most sacred relationships and associations we can experience for ourselves, on a personal and interpersonal level. Unfortunately, a lot of the links that we build are based on falsity, pretences and concealed in too much make up. Take a moment and sift through the following statements: ‘let’s connect, keep in touch, look forward to hearing you’. How often have you said that in the past week and months; now rewind that to years. Did you mean any of this? Look at the alternative scenario: ‘Have you ‘connected’ with people or things and added them as contacts or favourited as a bookmark? Be honest. When was the last you checked in on that? Are you still connected or are you holding on to something you do not recognise?

Keep your connections active

Often, ‘let’s connect’ is loosely used as a parting phrase, to tide us to the next conversation, appointment or the very next thing. It may take months and worst-case scenario, years before we actually connect. During this period, we have been clutching on to emptiness and clutter which has taken the space for other experiences. The purpose of connection is to link, to bond, with ourselves and another. We should do everything in our ability to keep it genuine, real, authentic, starting with ourselves. By retaining unhelpful things, we have not chosen well. Connection is not a parking spot; it’s a driving range.

Nurture the connection

Do not take your connections for granted. Friendships, family, pets, neighbours and colleagues. Not everyone will be waiting for you. You too can be replaced with a new contact or fade into a distant memory. Take an interest and invest in the ties you wish to maintain. Don’t rust it with excuses. Being busy is the lamest thing you could tell yourself or listen from another. We all have the time. It is whether we choose to make the time for the people or things we want to connect with. Notice the difference and be conscious of it.

Similar analogy applies for our connection to things or activities of interest. Take an audio book or newsletter subscription for example. Know why you have subscribed to it and check into the resources. Make learning a part of your everyday. I’ve signed up, paid the fees and zoned out, alerted upon new payment dates. Regretting the money spent is futile. The funds have been incurred and I’m not going to be rewarded for my complacency. Nowadays, I pencil a note in my calendar as a reminder to review the material and evaluate the continuance. Satiate the mind with new learnings; even a word a day. Instead of hitting shift + f7 each time your fingers kiss the keypad, expand your mind’s reach so the words flow easily and effortlessly.

Every day is an opportunity to do better and be brighter. Whatever you choose to connect with, keep it real because it becomes a part of you.

Love and hugs,


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