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Worrying takes up quite a bit of time in our daily life and we worry about everything. Is it going to rain? Have I put too much salt in the food? Does he think I am pretty? Am I going to do well in the interview? We look at all future events with a blinker called ‘worry’ and for some unexplained reason, we turn it on full speed. It is like pedalling at a 100RPM in spin class. You never know if it is going to rain. The weather forecast as its best is a forecast. Instead of spending the night before worrying whether it is going to rain the next day, prepare yourself to take a hoodie or a brollie if stepping out. If the sun comes out, smile. Do a load of washing if you like or chill with a book outside. Someone else does not need to validate your aesthetic appeal. First, you must acknowledge that you are beautiful and learn to love yourself. If others pay you a compliment, be kind and give thanks.

Investing energy into worrying is not worth it. Nothing productive happens. Worrying does not accelerate outcomes or yield results. Instead, it causes harm; stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and restlessness to name a few. With worrying, we use all the good stuff within us to paint a gloomy picture for ourselves. I like this quote by Lara Casey “Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.”  Sit with this thought and notice the next time you worry. You do not envision what you want, instead you think of all the unsavoury stuff you do not want. Repeating this on a regular level is feeding the active and alert mind to go after the bad stuff. Pour that creativity and visualise the best things for yourself and the desired outcomes. Be the artist and sketch every detail. Then, put some paint on it and take actionable steps. Every bit of action counts. Get up and get started. Remember the phrase, dream it, will it, do it. Nobody said worry about it, did they?

Half the worrying stems from expectations. Let that go and only expect from yourself. That way, you will always be your best and do your best. You will also learn to forgive yourself and look at your shortcomings with kindness. Look and learn from every experience. Things happen at their own course and worrying does not speed the timing. What we can do is it give it our best shot and envision the results we want to achieve. If the outcomes are not according to what we had in mind, review and learn from it. If the results have met or exceeded expectations, identify what worked well and assess what could be done better. Grow from strength to strength. You are the director of your own movie. Do you want it to be a flop or a blockbuster hit?

In addition to practising mindful thinking and meditation, I use empowering and positive affirmations as my tool set to guide me in letting go of worry. My favourite is a card deck titled ‘Messages from the Mat, by Alison Shale’. Each affirmation is so beautifully phrased, evocative and is supported with a sketch of a yoga pose. Sharing some of my favourite wordings with the hope that this brings you light in shedding your worry.

“I am safe and I am loved. All is well in my world.”

“I let go of all expectations and allow all to unfold in faith and trust.”

“I focus on what I choose to create and my life takes off! I am the conscious creator of my own reality.”

“I cross into the new with joy and ease. I let go of the old and eagerly make space for wonderful new things to come.”

Do not let the worry of later or tomorrow, rob you of your present. Smile, trust that all is well and all will be well.

Love and hugs,


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