welcoming wednesdays : write your story, own it

I have drawn some of my biggest life lessons by watching Rajinikanth’s movies. He is a beacon of inspiration in his personal and professional life. A self-made man who wrote his story of success from a bus conductor to one of the most iconic personalities of Indian cinema. The mention of his name sends waves of awe and oceans of respect amongst his fans. He authored his story with courage, handles success with humility and has his values rooted in gratitude and kindness. Rajini dialogues pack a punch and I have peppered some of my favourites from his movies and song lyrics in this post. I send you wishes that the words encourage you to hold the reins to your life and take charge.

Your life is in your hands’.  You are the driver of your life. The power of choice lies with you. All the tools, resources and guide books in the world would do nothing for you if you do not help yourself. Take responsibility and be accountable for your actions. Embrace change, growth and empowerment. Resistance to change delivers sluggishness, dullness and stagnation. ‘Change is the only thing that will not change. All that changes is living. All that does not change becomes a part of this earth.’

Opportunities do not just happen. You have to create them’.  You are the writer of your story. ‘The one who resigns to fate is one who is duped. The one who wins it is intelligent.’ Dreams without action, remain dreams. Create your luck, wealth, health and happiness. Make a start today.

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