Our thoughts become our actions

As I was walking through the salad counter, my thoughts drifted to an honest but unsettling topic….confessions. I paused at this thought for some time and opting for amusement, I wondered what some of my food choices would confess to me.

Hey gorgeous…heard of the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. That’s an impossible kpi – admit it! My health benefits are well published but I never guaranteed that I’m the anti-doctor ticket. Let’s get real – this saying was perhaps invented to get people to have some fruit.

I’m bold and frankly a simple person. I’m not pretentious but yet often misunderstood. People get turned off by my appearance and the perception of how I would taste like without even giving me a chance. It would be nice if they just tried without judging me.

I’m quite the pop star in Europe, especially in Mediterranean cuisine. I am a newbie in the East and just trying to fit in. I am in no way competing with the cool, Mr. Cucumber. It would be good if we communicate to clear this misunderstanding.

Sweet corn
I am bright, vibrant and taste good in any preparation. Don’t be fooled by my cuteness and please use me in moderation as I have high sugar content.

I am the staple food in the East and some say I taste even better when eaten on a banana leaf. It hurts when they blame me for their weight gain. If you eat me when you’re stressed, naturally you eat more. It’ll be good when people realize that moderation and a healthy lifestyle is key to good health.

Having enjoyed a little laugh, I thought about my own confession…that being busy is the lamest excuse I could give from spending time with loved ones and pursuing my happiness. Time is a treasured gift and each moment must be lived with much love and happiness. Let’s light up our souls to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!

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