welcoming wednesdays : Practice & practice more

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Most times, practice and perfection are used in the same sentence. I do not like that. It gives the impression of an exam or a contest where only the first place is celebrated. Perfection imposes a weight and the best way to dodge it is to avoid it. I did this with my piano lessons. Detesting practice, I gave up the enjoyment of the instrument. Lessons that started with curiosity, gradually turned to a grind. Quitting was not an option so I scraped through and then bid adieu to it once and for all. 

Looking back and listening to piano pieces on You Tube or Spotify, I twitch. Perhaps, I should have practiced more. I do not think practice alone would not have cut it. If I had practiced until I was confident, I would have learnt to enjoy it. Playing pieces from memory, without looking at music notes, whenever and wherever I wanted, that would have been awesome.

The message for you today my dear is ‘practice till you are confident and then, practice some more.’ Infusing confidence into something builds a sense of empowerment. It does not make you suffocate, instead it gives you wings and strength. Confidence builds the platform to stand taller and with stability. As you get glued in, the heights of buildings around you are of no consequence.

Set an intention as you start your practice and what you hope to achieve out of it. This breathes a sense of purpose to what you are doing and seeing the results can be rewarding. Little milestones must be noted because it is a step in the growth journey. One of my learnings over time is to start things small. I like to jump in and I want it all to fit in instantly. But, nothing is instant and as I shared in an earlier message on Welcoming Patience, even instant noodles need their two minutes to cook. Take it slow but do not give up. Acknowledge what you have done, be aware and start again. You are not racing against anybody else, except yourself. So, take all the time you need but keep practising.

If you get lost in what you are doing, it is ok. It just means, you have already found what you were meant to learn and it is time for the next lesson. Keep writing your story my dear and own it. I found a song for you dearest that could be your anthem as you step at your practice ‘Que Vendra’. I leave you with an extract and the translation of the lyrics are enclosed.

“What will come, what will come

I write my path

If I get lost, it means I already found myself

And I know that I have to continue

Love and hugs,


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