crop person with maple leaf in autumn

A new month blooms tomorrow and it is not like any other month. It is OCTOBER! My month! Hello October! The month that welcomed me; this curious little caterpillar turned butterfly into the world. Ammah (my darling mother often says) that back in the day, yes, October 1980, the gynaecologist had given her a few due dates for my arrival. It started with the 1st, then the 9th and later, around the 15th.

A fortnight past my original due date and I was born on the 15th. It comes as no surprise that I do enjoy a siesta especially after a comforting and soul satisfying meal. Whilst Ammah was eagerly looking forward to wrapping me in her arms, she was not anxious or agitated. Further, she did not succumb to any pressure or tricks to get me out earlier. She remained relaxed, enjoyed her food cravings and kept talking to me as I cuddled in her womb. She assured me of her unconditional love and suggested that I come out when I felt ready.

Perhaps this early nurturing has planted seeds of calm, resilience and self-confidence within me. Independence of mind, body and spirit are like second skin and is something my loved ones cherish about me. Throughout and soon to be 40 years of my life, I have not succumbed to peer pressure and lived on my own terms. Sounds rugged but the road less travelled is much thornier. However, the journey of self-discovery makes it all worthwhile. I’ve developed more as an individual and each October is my month-long celebration of the person I have become today.

Do continue this tradition dear one because when you look back next October, your soul will sing. Keep your chin up even when the odds are stacked against you. Show up and sparkle. The world is a much better place with you in it so make it count.

If and when you feel a little blue, here are some of my favourite songs that will lift your mood in a jiffy. Put on your dancing shoes and raise a toast to you my dazzlingly gorgeous October baby!

Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Dancing Queen by ABBA

Your Song by Elton John

Disco Dancer by Vijay Benedict

Aararai Kodi Pergalil Oruvan by A.R. Rahman

Maatram Onduthaan Maarathathu, from Kochadaiyaan

Love and loads of hugs


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