What’s Flow in Five?

Flow in Five is a Bohem Notes philosophy. I magnetized my magic word Flow to create this impactful phrase which has guided me in both my personal and professional journey. What I love most about it is that it fuels me with the ‘I’ve got it mindset’. This feeling keeps me calm, grounded and above all empowered.

Why Flow in Five and not Three, Ten or other?

I selected the number 5 because it’s a number that has a place of comfort and belonging in our system; 5 senses, 5 fingers (on each hand), 5 working days of the week, 5 elements and the popular phrase, 5 minutes.

Doing something in 5 parts also offered me variety and options. For example, if I penned down 5 thoughts for story ideas, I have a few things to play with. It was manageable and therefore actionable. So, Flow in Five.

Flow in Five Worksheets

The essence of Flow in Five is to find a flow that works with you and for you. The flow is set up in 5 stages (no pun intended) and the Worksheets are numbered accordingly. However, please do the Worksheets in the order that works best for you because the idea is to have a flow that works with you and for you.

The 5 Flow in Five Worksheets are:

(I)  Soul Searching or the discovery phase;

(II)  Ideation or the play and pour it all out phase;

(III) Prioritisation or what to do now phase;

(IV) Care for Work or how do I keep polishing my work phase;

(V)  Self-Care or how am I doing today phase.

What’s Next?

I’ve prepared Guides with interactive prompts for Worksheets (I),(II),(III) & (V). Worksheet (IV) is a checklist and self-explanatory. One Worksheet and the accompanying Guide will be available each week, starting 7th April on my blog, Bohemian Crossing.

Why not share all the Worksheets and Guides at the same time?

This was intentional as I’d like you to sit with each Worksheet for a little while and see how you feel about it, noticing the thoughts that come up for you. The Guides are there to support you in completing the Worksheets.

The Worksheets and Guides are shared weekly so you ease into your flow, building familiarity and develop a good routine in completing the Flow in Five Worksheets.

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