~ a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles ~

Growing in Lockdown, real stories by real women, features 12 soul fulfilling stories from women around the globe. Disconnected by borders but bonded through strength, spirit, self-awareness and self-belief. The stories remind us about what it is like to be human; to open our hearts and have a real conversation; the light, the dark, and the uncertain. 

My biggest take away was how at an individual level, each one of these amazing women, reconnected with themselves as part of their growth. They tuned in to the power of now; of being present. Freda took the time to advance and enhance herself, celebrating progress at every stage, whilst Chandi was creating fireworks for herself by prioritising her, before others.

There is a huge power in self-talk and the stories we keep playing for ourselves on a daily basis. Instead of crumbling, these women, rebuilt themselves and readjusted their vision with compassion. Noorul took positivity pauses; little breaks to recentre her ecosystem. Lily spoke to her fears, comforting the voices of her inner child with reassurance, Mina reviewed her affirmations daily, keeping her dreams alive in real time and Kim spoke to herself, as she would to a friend.

These women redirected their energy to causes that contributed to a greater good. Nicola advanced her interest in social causes as a lay advisory member of the Wales Maternity and Neonatal Network. Angeli stepped into her other roles; as a mother and a wife more mindfully.

They showed us how to play the long game. Marissa invites us to step outside of timetables and to go at our own pace. Parveen shares, “if you want to enjoy the rainbow, you must be prepared to weather the storm.” Sheila “learnt to learn again” and Yakini reminded herself to keep the faith; and learnt to be more patient; a very tough ask in an ADHD household; but she did it, with love.

To all the beautiful souls who shared this journey with me, a heartfelt thank you. To Hari Jr Harichandran, a deepest gratitude for capturing the light and emotions for an impactful visual storytelling.   

For all readers, I say, carry on. Keep growing and keep glowing. I leave you with the 12 stories, and these three words.


Lisa Townsend, UK based Business Coach, Change the Badge says, “I learnt to leverage my strengths so I can work from where I am rather than where I think I ‘should’ be. It’s a super power work in progress!”


Australia based Tracey, an Intuitive Therapist shares, “lockdown thought me to have more patience and understanding for the wider community.”


Georgina Jackson, UK based Podcaster comments “My new superpowers are courage and believing in yourself. I have started to make real changes in my life that enable me to achieve my dreams even though they were a bit scary.”

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