Onion to Onion…

three onions

PEOPLE are like onions. This sure sounds odd but think about it for a minute and tell me when is the onion most aromatic?

Like an onion, that weaves its core in a jacket of red or white shades, most of us shield our thoughts or essence behind a cloak. We take time to open up to people, to share our thoughts and opinions. There is a hesitation to shed our peel and this could be for a host of reasons, be it fear of rejection, of being misunderstood or simply, to avoid being hurt.

Haven’t you wondered why you behave differently with different groups of people? If you haven’t done this – do some introspection and observe your interactions around your parents, bosses, colleagues and friends.

However much an onion shields itself, it is unable to hide its scent. Similar to this, however much we try and keep our guards up, there are moments when there will be an outburst of our personality. It will surprise you and your audience. How did this happen?

As we get comfortable with our surroundings, we get a sense of security that we are accepted for who we are. Like an onion shedding its peel, layer by layer, we let our guard down. Subconsciously, we dissolve, exposing our flavor and personality. Something within us sends us a message that it is ok to relax and to be ourselves.  This may surprise your audience at first but they too being onions will realize that some onions are quicker to acclimatize to the heat and other condiments, whilst some take a longer time.

So sit back, relax and let your personality shine. You’re the best seasoning when you are your unique self. ONION TO ONION.

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