Breathe & Be

LOCK down, shutdown, breakdown…if these words are still bothering you, pinch yourself hard! There are so many heroes selflessly battling and caring for us on the front line to make this world a safer place for us all. Besides staying at home, let us go a step further and energise ourselves, the space we live in and the people around us.

I have been practising to focus on the present, or my ‘be in’ state as I like to call it. Being more of an action list kind of girl, I am used to breezing from one activity to the next. So, when everything came to a stand still, it guided me to pause, I mean really really PAUSE and regroup my thoughts. From running and jumping, (not in the literal sense) to walking, not briskly but more like a stroll by the beach is a welcoming experience. The ‘chill’ button is not something new to us. We ususally experience it during holidays and now, it is about resetting it to our daily routine.

In yoga, the best way to centre your mind is to focus on your breath. Inhale deeply and listen to the sounds. Inhale again. Did you hear that? There is an instrumental playlist going on in our bodies and guess what, we are the composers. Yes, we are all artists so please make this the most beautiful playlist. We are the biggest subscribers and the followers are everyone around us. If you just take a look around, that is quite an impressive list and all this for staying still, chilling and breathing well. Add more of this and see the wonders it will do for you. Your tunes send waves of hope, love and comfort. Keep this as your top daily priority.

Another way to ease into this practice is to reflect on an image, a happy memory or some questions that pull you back to the current moment. These are some things I think about which I hope could be of assistance:

  • what is one thing I noticed about myself / home / another today?
  • what am I most thankful or grateful for?
  • what is one compliment I can give myself now?
  • who will brighten up if I smile?
  • how can I sow an act of kindness today?

We have heard this many times but hearing it again is a kind reminder to ourselves. The present is a very valuable gift. Savour the moments, enjoy and share the gift of your well being with yourself and the world. Take care, stay safe, smile, BREATHE AND BE.

One thought on “Breathe & Be

  1. Thank you for the gentle reminder to live in the present; apperciate each and every magical blessing awarded to us daily in our beautiful journey.

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