Happy New Year beautiful people! We have bloomed to the twenties and are dancing to a brand new decade. This is so exciting!!!

New Years always fueled me with fresh hopes, dreams and vision but 2020 makes it even more special as it is a period which I have identified since my schooling days. I wrote essays with this year in mind and the vision for myself and the nation. If it were possible, I wish I could retrieve some of the essays and read it to myself.

Instead, I like to reflect on the last 20 years and see what life principles I like to take with me as I dance into this New Year.

  • Be worry free
  • Be present in the present
  • Respond, not react
  • Trust in divine timing. Appreciate and enjoy the process. Grow with each experience
  • Make health a lifestyle, not a game of yo-yo diets
  • Show up. Every step counts to making your dreams come true
  • Journal everyday – a word, a thought or an idea. Let your inner voice speak
  • Travel, explore and expand your roots
  • Count your blessings not the likes
  • Expect and set expectations for yourself, not others
  • Be the joy you seek
  • Be the best version of you!

Have a sparkling 2020 and the very best of wishes to all of you!

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