A date with me

I love going on dates, whether it’s with my friends, my husband or myself. Did the last word in my sentence surprise you or made you smile? Check your pulse. If it startled you, you don’t know what you are missing and you got to read on. If it made you smile, I’m glad to have met a like minded friend and look forward to being inspired. Please share your date ideas in the comments at the end of the post.

A date with yourself is very different from the other dates because this one is all about you and you alone! This is why if you have not done it, you got to. It is absolutely fantastic! The exercise suggested in my earlier post ‘Check In’ will give you pages of ideas on what to do because by checking in, you have connected with yourself to understand your needs and then the date compliments this perfectly.

What would a date with me be like?

Do I dress up?

Of course. I’m taking myself out. I look good, I feeeeeeeeeel very very good.

Where do I go?

Ooooh I have many favourites and the theme centers around food, movies, music and pampering. When it comes to food, variety is a pre-requisite so Google becomes my best friend when I plan my date. I love trying new eateries and experimenting with cuisine. Today for example, I went to Isao, a reknown Japanese fusion restaurant in Bangkok. I have been wanting to try this for a long time and really happy I got to do this today. I tried two of their signature dishes. The first was called ‘Chicago Spicy Crazy’ which is a sushi roll made of tuna, salmon, white fish, cucumber, avocado, green onion and spicy sauce with ebiko (shrimp roe). The second item was called a crispy sushi roll called ‘Crunchy’. I had not heard of crispy sushi and this certainly piqued my interest. It was sushi rice roll crumbed with tempura flake, deep fried and stuffed with spicy salmon and topped with a teriyaki sauce. The fried tempura flake tasted like rice crisps and could almost be a breakfast sushi.

When do I go?

Usually, the weekend. Every now and then, I like going during the week to catch a movie at the cinema or listening to live music.

How often do I go?

Minimum once a week and if I can pack in more, I most certainly do.

How long are the dates?

The duration varies on what the day looks like. At times, there are other family commitments or errands to be done. Hence, it may be an hour or so at the salon to get my nails done or some chill time on the couch with a book and a glass of wine. On some days, it could be the whole day – starting with a swim, brunch, maybe some window or actual shopping, a movie and dinner. Another favourite when I have the day to myself is to see new places and explore new streets or areas I have not been to. Sometimes, I do a little research before going and there are times, I just take myself there and go with the flow. Bangkok is a city that I am currently living in and I am spoilt for variety. Each street is a little town of its own, dotted with character and unwritten stories.

When did i start taking myself on dates?

The earliest I can remember is university days. I used to ride the bus to my favourite bookstore Borders and spend hours browsing through chapters of various books, reflecting on passages that spoke to my soul. A date with me is a sacred ritual which I have been practicing for the past 19 years and I highly recommend it!!

Three words to get you started?

It’s about you!

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